The Student Council of your school has decided to start a ‘Photography Club’ in your school. Write a proposal in not more than 150 words, stating the steps you would take to successfully establish it.

[The proposal should include: (i) An introduction; (ii) Objectives; (iii) List of measures to be taken. A concluding statement is desirable.]


Introduction- To set up a photography club for arising the students interest in photography and giving wings to their hidden talent.

Objectives- (i) To carry out the photographic talent in students and improving their skills in the clicking the better photographs

(ii) To create a creative and innovative ideas in the students

List of measures:-

The following list of measures are needed for setting up a photography club

  • A ground which is filled with various types of flowers and small creatures.
  • Appointment of certain professionals for training
  • Arrangement of cameras
  • Funds to be provided by the students as well as the school management

Conclusion– We hope that the proposal of setting up a photography club will be accepted for encouraging the students talent.

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