Television is good for children

Technology and media nowsdays plays a very curial role in our day to day life. When use in right way it can also improve our life.

Well, television which is now an important part in our life.

When it do not misuse it can create fun in children learning while doing so many tasks.

There are lot of educational channels which is broadcasting nowsdays that are completely dedicated to informative purposes. For Example: Discovery channel, History tv18, Star Sports etc.

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If we allow the children to watch the English news channel with our little guidance then this step can improve their vocabularly.

If the children watch different sports in tv such as tennis, volleyball, table tennis, hockey, baseball, soccer etc. and if they show some interest in that then we should tell them about that games and also tell that how they should play it,

The tv can also help them to learn different countries names and their famous personality. They can also learn the culture of that place.

TV can help them to feel less lonely. Psychologists coined the term”social surrogacy ” to expain how the TV can fill the shoes of absent friends or family.

Tv can expand their mind.

Some shows let them to travel continously in their mind. And in future they wanted to go to that place. To reach that destination they will start working for it and one they willl acheive their goal.

Scientists from the University of Siena found that chlidren experience a soothing, painkilling effect when they watch cartoons.

So, perhaps a liitle entertainment Tv can be a source of relief to kids who are streesed or are in pain.

So by this many advantages I found television good for children.

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